Magnolia Classic Cruisers

May 5th 2009


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About Magnolia Classic Cruisers

The Magnolia Classic Cruisers Association of Jackson County MS is open to everyone interested in Special Interest Vehicles. You can learn more about MCC on their website



Magnolia Classic Cruisers of Jackson County will host a CRUISE-IN the forth Saturday of each month starting February 28th through September. Time: 6:00 P.M. til 9:00 P.M. Location: Northrop Grumman Engineering Complex, Highway 90, Pascagoula, MS. (Formerly old K-mart Building) Parking lot is 100% lighted and marked for spacious parking. For additional Information, Call: Bob Hand, President, Magnolia Classic Cruisers of Jackson County Mississippi 228-217-7218

What A Day!

Magnolia Classic Cruisers of Jackson County hosted their 4th Annual Car and Bike Show at Beach Park on May 2, 2009 in Pascagoula, MS.

We had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and be amongst some awesome antique vehicles. Noah took a Mustang convertible, belonging to Betty and Sammy Wells for a spin --- see him sitting behind the wheel??? Noah also climbed aboard a trike and we think he would have rode off in to the sunset had he been given the keys.

Noah, Dakota, Alex, Wyeth and Marissa had a great time on the playground and soaking up the beautiful weather.

We were able to mix and mingle with the crowds that day - answer questions and even create more ideas and suggestions for our future endeavors. The perfect relaxed atmosphere.

We are so pleased to have such great sponsors as that of the Magnolia Classic Cruisers who sponsored this wonderful event. They have selected GCDSS as their sole charity for 2009. We cannot possibly express enough gratitude and appreciation for their efforts. Through their events, we are able to do more outreach activities, add more and more wonderful materials to our website and provide new parents with a wealth of information in which they require on the addition of their new little ones. THANK YOU to Magnolia Classic Cruisers - you folks are the best.