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The purpose of GCDSS is to build a supportive network for families and individuals with Down syndrome to share information, strength and hope. We hope this resource library will help to fulfill this purpose. Below is a list of books available for our GCDSS families, friends and educators to use at no cost. We do ask that after you have finished with the material, either return it to our library for others to use or pass it on to another family, friend or educator that is interested in learning more. Please contact us, if you are interested in any of the listed books. GCDSS contact information is as follows:

Gulf Coast Down Syndrome Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 654
Gautier, MS 39553
(228) 623-3331
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IPhone/IPod Apps For Special Education

Eric Sailers has compiled a list of IPhone and IPod applications that support the special needs of special children. You can find it here or you can click the App-Store icon below. Thanks Eric!

You can download these applications from the Apple Itunes App Store. Check them out, tell us what you think and we can post your experiences here as a benefit to new parents and the other members of our small (but rapidly growing) community!



Books Currently Available

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We make it a point to try and make the most current and informative books available to our membership. If you are aware of books that would compliment our library, let us know!
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NDSS Resources

Early Intervention

First Steps is a program that matches the unique needs of infants and toddlers who have developmental delays with professional resources within the community.

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To New and Expectant Parents

Congratulations on the birth, or expected birth, of your baby! We understand that your baby may have Down syndrome. You probably have many questions, concerns and fears right now. That's okay.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this diagnosis is not as "life changing" as the fact that you have a new baby. And in most ways, your baby will be just like other infants. Every baby needs to be fed, held and most of all, loved.

There will be challenges in raising your child, but there will also be many, many joys. It's normal to be nervous about what lies ahead, but remember that Down syndrome is a condition your baby has, it is not who your baby is. Now is the time to begin learning all you can about Down syndrome and this website is a great place to start.

You are not alone. You have now connected with many people who have been in the exact place you are right now.

Take it slow

You may feel pressured to make difficult decisions quickly - but STOP - take deep breaths and don"t. Take time for yourself and your child. Gather facts, discuss them with your spouse or significant other, your family and your friends. Then, only when you are ready make your own informed decisions.

Information overload.

It's easy to overload on information or seem overwhelmed. There is no possible way to know what is relevant and what isn't. Please don't worry about the future - about where your child may be at 3, 13, or 36.


Myths and misconceptions about Down syndrome are everywhere. Unfortunately they are even often held by Medical Professionals. Even the facts change rapidly. While researching Down syndrome please disregard anything published prior to 2002 and look for more current material.

No change required.

Nothing in the news changes anything about your pregnancy. Assuming you are healthy and enjoying the coming months. The same is true for the first few years of your child's life. He/she will be just that, a baby - demanding love, care, stimulation - OH and clean diapers! Enjoy!


There are some who would claim that a child with Down syndrome is burdensome. We completely disagree. Nothing about Down syndrome is implicitly burdensome - although it has it's challenges. Being a new parent is challenging regardless of your child's abilities.

Your baby is an exciting package of potential waiting to become whatever he or she can be. Your baby will do all of just what babies do - cry, gurgle, eat, sleep. Eventually - he will walk, run, jump and play. You will be rewarded in ways you cannot possibly imagine.


Coming to terms with what your child can and cannot do is all a special part of parenting. As your child grows you will quickly notice their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t feel shattered and torn by a diagnosis. We cannot predict the future and no one should. We are more than happy to share with you what our children have achieved.

They are vivid learners, eagle scouts, class leaders, homecoming royalty, long distance swimmers, published authors, poets, artists and musicians. They can drive cars, own homes, have jobs and fall in love. MOST OF ALL - they are people we love, adore and support.

New Parents Guide

If you have recently given birth to, or are expecting, a baby with Down syndrome, you probably have many questions and concerns right now. You might be wondering, as most new parents do:

  • How will Down syndrome affect my baby's development?
  • What does the diagnosis mean for me as a parent?
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your son or daughter into the world will bring joy to you and your family. Your baby will be just like other babies in most ways. He or she will play, enjoy life and like to learn new things. Like any parent, you may have some questions about your baby.

This brochure is a starting point for learning about Down syndrome, resources and support groups.

  • What is Down Syndrome?
  • I thought my pregnancy was normal. What happened?
  • What if I want to have another baby?
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Specs 4Us

SPECS4US, Superior Precision Eyewear for Children Who Are Special, introduces a new concept in eyewear for children with Down syndrome that eliminates the problems commonly associated with traditional eyeglasses.


The Erin’s World line of frames is engineered to fit the unique facial features of children with Down syndrome while offering stylish options handcrafted for an active lifestyle. Each pair of frames offers special design features not found anywhere else. Adult sizes and sunglass clips are also available. Created by the mother of a child with Down syndrome and 25 years experience as an optician, the Erin’s World eyewear from SPECS4US will help children and adults explore their world with enhanced vision combined with an exciting level of style. You can find the Erin’s world line of frames at

Premier Eye Clinic
4505 Hospital Street
Pascagoula, MS 39581

Kern Optical
15277 Creosote Road
Gulfport, MS 39503

Specs4Us Website